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Softwood Battens

Softwood Battens

A Batten sizes include 19mm x 38mm; 25mm x 38mm; 25mm x 50mm and 38mm x 50mm.

    Batten stocks
    We normally keep four different section sizes of batten in stock, and since 2013 we have been supplying two different grades of 25mm x 50mm roofing batten.

    Small section battens, 19mm x 38mm and 25mm x 38mm
    For some types of roof the 19mm x 38mm and 25mm x 38mm battens have been traditionally used, for example the 25mm x 38mm could be used for plain tiles. At Southern Timber we well the 19mm battens primarily for trellis making. Under some circumstances 25mm x 38mm can be used tile roof coverings and FC slate, but it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to determine what product is required for their application

    Roofing Battens, 25mm x 50mm, Part Graded
    With roofing battens the section size of the batten is very important, any battens less than 25mm thick would be deemed as “under-measure” and not fit for purpose. Part graded battens are the most common type of roofing batten used in the UK. If a high quality timber is sourced, from a reputable manufacturer, the batten normally only requires a final grade on site by the roofing contractor to ensure that it meets the requirements of the British Standard.

    Roofing Battens, 25mm x 50mm, Grade BS5534
    BS5534 is the British Standard for Roofing Battens and graded battens that meet this standard have been on the market for several years but they are becoming more widely requested now that only factory graded BS5534 battens should be used on NHBC sites.

    Batten types and sizes
    In addition to the 19mm and 25mm battens we also carry a 38mm x 50mm batten at 4.8 metres. This is sometimes on the builders spec sheet, usually if the roof timbers or trusses are spaced further apart than normal.

    Stocks normally kept in Yard/Warehouse:

    19mm x 38mm: Various lengths, Graded and treated

    25mm x 38mm: Various lengths, Graded and treated

    25mm x 50mm: Various lengths, Graded and treated

    25mm x 50mm: 3.6m & 4.8m BS5534, various lengths, Graded and treated

    38mm x 50mm: 4.8 metres pressure treated

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