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Board & Batten Options

  • Planed Tanalised, stock 75 -175mm
  • Planed untreated, stock 50 -200mm
  • Sawn Tanalised, stock 25 – 225mm
  • WR Cedar sections, 75 – 200mm
  • Green oak, larch & douglas to order

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Product Details

Board and batten is the name normally assigned to vertical cladding designs where wide boards are equally spaced  with a small gap and then overlaid with a narrower board, usually 50mm covering these gaps. There are no specific board or batten widths, the selected sizes probably more dependant on the size of the building being clad.

Board and batten is popular in New Zealand and Areas of North America using western red cedar.  The vertical lines created by the alternating boards overlaid with batten produces a  striking but traditional effect. In the UK this has been taken up both in rural applications with sawn timbers overlaid with battens and also in higher-end bespoke builds using Western Red Cedar or European Larch. 

Some applications would probably be better termed as board on board cladding, some installs using 150mm wide boards spaced at 100mm intervals with 150mm boards over the top.  This is quite effective and economic because any waney –edge boards can be positioned at the back to be overlaid with straighter edge boards at the front.

Whichever method is adopted allowances must be made in fixing and finishing for dimensional  movement (shrinkage/expansion) and for air movement to prevent timber degradation.

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