Waney Edge

Special Cladding

Waney Edge Cladding

  • Green Oak, Douglas Fir & Larch popular
  • Choice of board widths & thickness
  • Usually cut from 3.6m, 4.8m & 6.0 logs
  • Douglas & Larch can be tanalised
  • Lead times variable through seasons

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Product Details

Waney edge cladding
At Southern Timber we receive a lot of orders for bespoke sized cladding, either square or waney edged boards in Douglas fir, larch or European oak. Timber cladding is often used on the outside of a house or farm building, timber frame extension, garage, stable or car port and may be specified by your local Authority planning department.

Sawn timber cladding cut to order
Our cladding is cut fresh from the round log and therefore initially has a high moisture content. It will dry out quite quickly after cutting and the surface is a soft textured, fine sawn finish, the vivid colours mellowing after several weeks exposure. Ideally the new cladding needs to be fixed while still fresh – if the boards are kept in storage for more than a couple of weeks they will start to season and may bow and twist, they will also harden making them more difficult to fix than fresh sawn. Prices of cladding are calculated by volume.

Square edge or waney edge cladding
Square edge cladding is familiar to most and remains ever popular. Our waney edge timber is cut with one straight edge and one waney edge which includes the sap wood and natural bark. The waney edge boards will vary in width due to the varying diameter of each log, our customers usually specify larch and Douglas fir cut at 20mm thick in widths of 150mm – 200mm. Wider boards can be cut, but bigger widths are more prone to cupping making storage and fixing the boards potentially more challenging.

Lengths of Douglas fir and larch logs are normally 3.6m, 4.8m and 7.4 metres. Calculating the coverage with waney edge boards can be quite challenging so please if you are ordering in linear metres please also let us know what square meterage you are planning to cover.

Green oak cladding
Green oak cladding can normally be cut in widths from 150mm up to 300mm, log length is more random, the usual range is 3.0 metres up to approx. 5.4 metres. All cladding prices are calculated by volume, as with larch and Douglas the boards can be cut as square or waney edge.

Fixing the cladding
Battens provide the framework for fixing cladding and the air gap behind the boards that allows air to circulate to keep the timber dry and avoid fungi & bacteria growth. Size of battens will vary depending on whether you are cladding on brick or block, or if you are building say a garage or car port.

We normally supply tanalised and graded timbers for this part of the job. Batten spacing usually depends on the structural specifications, but 400mm centres provide a good fix for the fresh sawn cladding and help provide more control over timber movements.

Variety Profiles and Species

Delivery details

Can vary between14 -28 days

We offer next day delivery, when required, for our normal delivery days (Monday to Friday) and areas. Customers are requested to phone in before 12.00pm on the day prior to delivery with their complete product listing, delivery address and payment details.