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Timber details

  • Bitumen lined Postsaver Sleeves
  • Heat Postsaver sleeves to activate
  • Protects timber post in high risk areas
  • Variety of Postsaver sleeve sizes
  • 20 Year proven track record

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Product Details

With changes in preservative legislation in recent years there appears to have been a decrease in the service life of timber posts. The large chemical companies have produced next generation preservatives, but another option is to use the Postsaver sleeve system. These bitumen post sleeves are applied to the vulnerable ground line section to help nullify the causes of ground rot out and increase the service life of the post.

After a post has been inserted into the ground, or is in contact with the ground, the timber post section is subject to continuous wetting and drying cycles as the seasons change. For may years the solution has been to use wood preservatives to protect the posts, but increasing concerns over the toxicity of these preservatives ultimately lead to changes in chemicals allowed within the preservatives. This reduction in the preservatives effectiveness combined with increasingly wet winters has meant that the service life of many posts has decreased.

Water reduces the life of the posts because it leaches the preservative from the wood in to the soil. Combined with oxidation of the preservative, this leads to a reduction in the effectiveness of the preservative and the timber starts to decay with the effects of the harmful soil borne organisms.

However, the patented Postsaver bitumen sleeves provide a more effective solution to this problem. The non-toxic sleeve creates a tough dual layer barrier that helps keep the moisture, oxygen and decaying organisms that are necessary for wood rot and decay, out of the post. At the same time they prevent moisture flow between the post and the soil that over time leads to leaching and a loss of preservative from the post.

Postsaver Sleeve 003, for 88mm Rounds or 75mm Square posts
Postsaver Sleeve 004, for 100mm Rounds or 75mm Square posts
Postsaver Sleeve 005, 125mm Rounds or 100mm Square posts
Postsaver Sleeve 007, 150mm Rounds or 125mm Square posts
Postsaver Sleeve 008, 165mm Rounds or 125mm Square posts
Postsaver Sleeve 010, for 200mm round posts

The Postsaver sleeve is simply placed over the ground line section of the post. The sleeve is then heated causing the liner to melt whilst the outer thermoplastic sleeve shrinks down tightly on to the post. Once cooled the liner forms a watertight seal to the pole surface and also adheres the outer heavy duty thermoplastic sleeve to the wood to form a tough, durable, long lasting barrier. On installation around 5cm of sleeve is left above ground level with around 30cm below ground level. As well as excluding the causes of rot and decay testing shows that in normal conditions the moisture content is generally below the 25% level that is necessary for wood rot to occur giving an additional level of assurance.

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