Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Grass

Installation key points

  • Looks & feels like real grass
  • Quality product made in Europe
  • Delivered direct to home/site
  • Choice of 14 artificial grasses
  • Domestic & Commercial applications
  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

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Product Details

Each installation is different but Namgrass have listed the stages in a typical installation.  This is not a definitive list of installation details.

Stage 1
Before preparing the ground you will need to remove any old turf. This should be fairly easy on a small area but for larger sections of garden you may want to hire a turf cutter.  As well as hopefully making the task both quicker and easier it should also help in maintaining, or achieving, a level garden surface.

Stage 2
To help preserve the appearance the installed Namgrass should have a neat, durable edge around it. When selecting materials to edge the product (timber,  brick, concrete or metal are all possible) you need to account for the pile height of your Namgrass, they range from 10mm to over 30mm deep.

Stage 3
When the edging is in place, the entire that needs to be “grassed” should be covered with a layer of fine aggregate such as ‘Grano dust’, ‘Dust’ or ‘Fine Type 1’. A builders merchant will be able to advise and supply, but remember that the particles should be no bigger than 5mm. They will need the dimensions of the area, plus the depth, so they can calculate the quantity of material required.
To help achieve a professional finish it would be advisable to contact a nearby hire shop for a compacter which can help compress the aggregate material and provide a firm base. Keep adding the fine aggregate and continue compacting until the layer is between 40-60mm deep. Dependant on which Namgrass has been selected the base layer needs to be kept an appropriate distance below the top of the edging.
It is good practice to form a slight camber so the base slopes towards the edges, doing this will help accommodate any settlement over time.  Also wherever practical remember to spray the area with water to keep the dust down and help the aggregate to bind.

Stage 4
Now, the finishing touches.  Lay the Namgrass over the area and overlay the edges so there is enough material to trim for a close finish.  Leave the Namgrass to settle for a couple of hours. Come on, come on, back to work. Carefully cut the overlapping edges, sharp knife essential, so they fit snugly up to your edging.  Namgrass recommend the product is spread with an even layer of kiln-dried sand, this should help to stabilise and increase the durability of the grass,  They suggest a dressing of approximately 5 kilos per square metre, and after spreading the sand, brush up the grass to lift the pile and settle the sand in.

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Delivery details

Usually 5-7 working days

Your delivery will come direct from the Namgrass warehouse in Hampshire. Most artificial grass products will normally be delivered within 5-7 working days. Delivery is via Namgrass' own transport who will contact you directly with the proposed day of delivery.