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Has two built in mirrors, comes with fixings. If it’s tea time I’m going in, if it’s homework time I’m off!

The KBT telescope is a fun product for simulated play the product rotates but doesn’t magnify. It includes two fixation systems and 4 hexagonal woodscrews.

The KBT steering wheel is made in red/yellow plastic and includes hexagonal head woodscrew, washer and bolt cover. The diameter of the steering wheel is approximately 300mm and 92 mm deep

The KBT basketball ring is 450mm in diameter, the official basketball standard. The mounting plate has three holes for fixation with Ø 11 mm but does not include fixings. Includes the 130mm deep basketball net

Our yellow periscope is also from KBT. Who’s that sneaking up on me – friend or foe, even worse it could be my sister! Has two built in mirrors, comes with fixings

These KBT binoculars have coloured lenses but does not magnify images. Comes with spare lenses and mounting/fixings kit

The boat style steering wheel is extra large and includes all necessary hardware for mounting. This product from KBT makes a clicking sound when rotated and the product is made from extrusion blow moulded HDPE

Sensible 600mm x 500mm size, blackboard for chalk messages and clock with movable hands. Complete with mounting screws

The bright yellow KBT telephone makes a real ringing sound when the keys are depressed. A woodscrew is included for mounting the telephone. The product dimensions of this toy telephone are 215mm x 60mm x 80 mm

Battery operated, amplifies voice and 3 pre-set animal sounds. Includes hardware set for mounting

Injection moulded polypropylene, opening lid and complete with fixings. Dimensions approx. 250mm x 226mm x 138mm

The OXO play set from KBT includes is a fun game for youngsters with 9 cylinders that are each printed in relief with a coloured X and O. The hardware set for mounting is included and simple to install on a play tower

Main Features

  • Good range of accessories
  • Encourage creative play
  • HDPE Moulded plastic
  • Vivid colours (may differ from image)
  • Large design for easy handling
  • Use with Blue Rabbit Play Towers
  • Can be used in bespoke DIY builds
  • Mainland UK Delivery

Phone to order

01803 813 803

Lines open 7:30 - 17:00 Mon - Fri

Product Details

These products are designed and manufactured by KBT for the Blue Rabbit range of Play Towers.  They can be used id bespoke DIY designs and installations to provide the kids with a little more excitement in their play.  All KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European directives and regulations

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Delivery details

Usually within 3-7 days

These are special order products delivered from the importers warehouse. Delivery is normally 7-14 working days, if for any reason the product is out of stock you will be informed by phone or email

Delivery on the Blue Rabbit range is free for sales of Blue Rabbit products totalling £180 or over including VAT. Delivery is made to most parts of Mainland UK, this will be confirmed after receipt of the delivery Post Code

There will need to be a responsible person at the delivery address to receive and sign for the goods. Deliveries are kerbside only which means you, or your designated recipient will be responsible for moving the products from kerbside to your preferred storage location