Special Orders

Misc. Ply & Sheets

Special Ply Details

  • Larger ply sheets 3050 x 1525mm
  • Thicker sheets ply, >25mm
  • Veneered plywoods
  • Sundeala pin boards/noticeboards
  • Alternate profiles of Neatmatch
  • Flexi Ply and Perforated MDF
  • Fire resistant ply & MDF

Phone to order

01803 813 803

Lines open 7:30 - 17:00 Mon - Fri

Product Details

Sundeala manufacture composite boards from recyled newspaper pulp. The standard Sundeala ‘ K’ is supplied with a sanded pre-finished ‘nap’, so no fabric covering is required. This board has a natural light grey colour, there are other colours available subject to availability – red, orange, yellow, blue, green, charcoal, wheat and lilac.  These boards do carry a price premium.

We can also supply to order a Premier noticeboard, very similar to the Sundeala K, but with a considerable price saving.  These boards have proved popular with local Colleges please call or email for prices and availability.

Delivery details

Depending on manufacturers lead time