Getting Started

HardiePlank Installation

First HardiePlank steps

  • Minimum 150mm ground clearance
  • Use combined starter & vent profile
  • 30mm HardiePlank board overlap
  • Gecko gauge helps spacing
  • Verify levels every 4-5 rows

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Product Details

Boards and ground  clearance
Do not install James Hardie® products, such that they may remain in contact with
standing water, the clearance between the bottom edge of the cladding and the
adjacent finished ground surface is a minimum of 150mm.

Fitting the first run of HardiePlank
When installing HardiePlank horizontally it is suggested that the easiest method is to use the HardiePlank combined starter and ventilation profile – this should ensure the first plank is correctly fitted.  Alternatively it is feasible to cut a 30mm wide starter strip from a sheet of HardiePlank cladding to kick out the first plank to match the lap of the wall. This should be nailed along the front face of the battens so the lower edge of the starter strip lies along the line made by the bottom of the vertical battens. This provides the lap spacing for the first row of plank. Without this will result in the “kick-out” on the wall appearing inconsistent in the second, third and fourth courses.

When fitting the first layer of HardiePlank cladding a pencil line should be marked 170mm up from the lower edge of the starter strip, make sure that this line is horizontal. This will be the top of the first row of cladding and the spacing gives a 10mm drip edge at the lower edge of the cladding.

Second and subsequent layers of HardiePlank
The second row of HardiePlank® cladding is placed so that the lower edge of  the second plank overlaps the top of the first plank by 30mm. It is important to carefully maintain this dimension throughout the construction of the wall. A Gecko Gauge set to 150mm will help speed up the installation. Alternatively, measure 150mm up from the top edge of the plank and draw a line on the battens, this gives the position for the top edge of the next plank. Best practice with this type of cladding installation would be to check with a spirit level every 4 or 5 rows of HardiePlank to ensure the planks level is maintained.