HardieFloor dB 27mm

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dB HardieFloor Key features

  • Install direct to joist
  • Weather resistant, no film required
  • Works underfloor heating
  • Superior heat transmission
  • Surpasses Part E of Building Regulations
  • Up to 67% less deflection than wood
  • Tile direct, no need for extra overlay
  • A2 fire rating

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Product Details

James Hardie HardieFloor is a revolutionary structural floor solution when chipboard just isn’t good enough. The patented cement formulation makes HardieFloor a durable solution for joisted floors and gives a quality robust feel underfoot. Because it is weather resistant the floor won’t be damaged by the elements during the build, or moisture damage in wet areas after the build.

After HardieFloor is installed; it can be tiled onto directly without any overlay, it acts as a structural floor and a cement backer board in one. Because of it’s dimensionally stability it won’t expand or contract like wood when exposed to moisture or temperature changes. So there is no worry of a squeaky floor, a common callback for builders. Please watch the YouTube trailer for more details

HardieFloor dB® acoustic floor offers all the benefits of a HardieFloor® structural floor, but in addition it also offers enhanced airborne and impact performance. At 27mm, the acoustic floor provides the lowest height for direct to joist acoustic systems in the market

Say hello to hassle free install with the HardieFloor acoustic boards. The interlocking tongue and groove sheets of our structural floors install direct to joist. Natural water resistance means there is no need for bothersome plastic film when weather strikes a build - our robust floors remain squeak-free and solidly intact. There is also no need for an overlay - tile can be directly fixed to the sheets. Robust and long lasting, our floors over-exceed even the strictest building requirements.

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