Special Order Products

Not every project is the same. A gateway, a porch or a doorway might need a few pieces of oak, Douglas fir or larch cutting to size. In some instances an architect may design a garden office that relies on sections of green oak from the framing. New builds and extensions increasingly seem to specify unusual profiles or timbers that just can’t be bought off the shelf. In these instances please call or email with drawings and some sizes for an estimate.

Shiplap & loglap cladding are popular products with bigger builds often requiring bespoke profiles of redwood, cedar, larch or oak cladding. There are variants avalable on shiplap, TGV and Loglap profiles. For example we keep three Loglap profiles in stock but we can get another 12 different profiles cut for you in joinery quality redwood timber.

With special profiles the more metres the better the price. Machine setup means machine downtime, some mills will only price on a minimum run of 500 linear metres but smaller runs may be possible depending on lead time.

Green oak and air dried oak framed garages, summerhouses and offices have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Green oak is most suitable for timber framing projects, as the timber dries it will shrink and move actually making the structure stronger.

Air dried oak will have experienced most of its shrinkage but that means there will be cracks and small splits in the oak. It is popular for fireplace beams, cladding for RSJs, feature and structural beams .

Some projects will need bespoke products, timber sections or lengths that can’t be bought off the shelf. This is often the case when a builder has to match existing materials or work within constraints from a Conservation Officer. Typically these timbers will be supplied in larch, douglas fir or oak but we can source other timbers where required

However unusual your requirement please give us a call. We have supplied Douglas fir sections & cladding for old railway stock and signal boxes, Iroko boards for balconies, greenheart for boat jetties and keruin sleepers for a miniature railway in East Devon.