Durapost Fencing Options

6th March 2022

Durapost fencing options include several sizes and styles of powder coated posts. The DuraPost system was introduced to combine the best qualities of traditional timber and concrete posts.  Made in the UK from galvanised steel the DuraPost system features a choice of colours and if installed carefully should be maintenance free.

Why choose DuraPost over timber?

By using powder coated metals in the construction there are several benefits – lower weight, colour options, low maintenance and durability. Most products are available in plain galvanised, anthracite grey, olive grey and sienna brown.

DuraPost offers sleek gravel boards in matching colours to your chosen fence posts. Not only do these boards allow you to create a smart, modern, uniform look in your garden, but are also necessary to help protect the bottom of your fence panels from damp and pests by raising the panels off the ground.  Having Being made from a composite plastic material, these gravel boards won’t rot and can easily be cut to the desired length. Also available are the classic posts and gate posts.

Board Variants

DuraPost offers two different types of boards. A “Z Board” and a “Gravel Board”. Both of which are made from 100% composite material so no need to worry about any sort of rotting issues further down the line.

Both board types are available in 4 unique colours to match the DuraPost Posts. The colours available are Plain Galavanised, Anthracite Grey, Olive Grey and Sepia Brown.

Installation options

With DuraPost, it’s probably never been easier to fit your fencing. Firstly if you’re using pre-made panels, simply dig the hole and set your first DuraPost in with Post Concrete. Once this has been done secure your gravel board into position with colour-matched screws. This then enables you to slot your pre-made fence panel to the DuraPost and screw into place. Next, position the second DuraPost, check the alignment and then set with Post Concrete. And it’s as simple as that!

Durapost Fencing Options

Contrasting seating and fencing

An alternative rustic look

An alternative rustic look