COVID-19 Update: We are delivering and welcoming all customers to our Yard during working hours. Delivery times from the yard to site are running at around 2-5 working days.

Rowlinson Garden Products are finding Covid 19 precautions are affecting their lead times, they are currently (July  2021) advising that most deliveries may take 7 days longer than indicated. Forest Garden are taking longer than shown on their, and our website – some Log Cabins are taking up to 16 weeks.  This is primarily due to much higher demand and fluctuating stock availability – please select here for additional details

Fencing Options

12th July 2021

Fencing options have been badly affected by the after-effects of Brexit and Covid . Most fencing products are still available but some have long lead times. Designer Panels are still in great demand but limited stocks are coming in from Poland. Standard lap panels and featheredge panels are also in short supply due to batten shortages. Trellis and Lattice panels are severely affected. However, all is not lost, we have stocks of sawn and planed raw materials so you can design and build your own fence.  What is more we have reduced the prices on our more popular  featheredge slats by 10% for July and August 2021.

Sawn or Planed options 

First of all, if you want a quick-fix fence then lap and featheredge panels are popular. We stock ready-made featheredge panels in four popular heights (3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′) and they are pressure treated for a longer service life. Our  panels are also pressure treated and built to a high standard and we think they qualify as an HD (Heavy Duty) product. We could sell cheaper panels of a lower specification but consider that would be false economy for the customer.  These HD Lap panels are stocked in the same sizes as the featheredge panels.


Sawn products for rustic fencing

We do have some sawn lap panels and featheredge panels in stock but supply is struggling to keep up  with demand.  So if you want to keep fencing you could make sawn hit and miss or horizontal featheredge fences.

Hit and miss vertical fences are ideal for exposed areas such as the Devon and Cornwall coasts. Chevron styled fences can be fashioned out of low-priced sawn timber and then capped to help protect exposed timber cuts.  While mentioning cut timbers a mention should be made of end-grain preservatives, relatively inexpensive but essential for treating any cuts or holes on fence posts, or any fence timbers which have been cross-cut to size.


Planed products for contemporary fencing

Despite everything our fencing timber stocks are considerable. We have planed timber components such as round top pales ready to go. These are usually available in 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1800mm heights with a width of 70mm and 20mm thick. Also stocked are pale panels and matching pale gates all from the same Supplier.

You can of course buy some planed (aka PSE) timber lengths and cut them to size to give you more options on height and width. We have seen several vertical pale fences with alternate pale widths, for example three pales of 150mm width then one pale at 75mm.  (Please note, finish sizes of planed timber are smaller than quoted, ex.150mm planed timber will be 144mm finish.  Stocks on planed ex.25mm are very tight at the moment (August 2021)

Finally, don’t forget your fence posts

Probably just as important are your fence posts.  We prefer customers to use 100mm square rather than 75mm – other things being equal they will rot out more slowly. Even better try some incised PermaTimber posts. Because these posts are part-incised they absorb more preservative.  Therefore these PermaTimber posts have a 15 year Manufacturers Warranty

Planed posts are available as ex.75mm and ex.100mm and are in good supply.  Also available, but supplies more sporadic, are the ex.100 x 100 beaded and chamfered posts.  These are supplied at 1.25m, 1.8m and 2.4m length.


Fencing Options

Round top pale fence and gate

Hit and miss using sawn planks

Hit and miss using sawn planks