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Fischer Nail Gun Fixings

16th February 2017

We have been stocking Paslode nails for 7 years now and these quality products have been joined by Fischer branded nails, manufactured in Germany

These Fischer Nail Fuel Packs feature a gas fuel cell that should have a shelf live of over 5 years and they have a 10% higher capacity than the nail box supplied, e.g. a Fischer 1100 nail pack has sufficient gas cells to fire 1100 plus 10% (just over 1200) nails.  Additionally the cells can work in temperatures as low as -15°Celcius.

Main features:

Made with high quality European steel and manufactured in Germany

Choice of bright, galvanised or stainless finishes to suit Eurocode 5 requirements

Corrosion resistance that exceeds Eurocode 5 standards

Quality waxed collation & low operating temperatures minimises nails/guns jamming

Nail gun compatibility
Our Fischer nails are compatible with “clipped” nail guns including the Paslode IM350 and IM350+, Hitachi NR90GC/NR90GC2, Makita GN900SE and Rawlplug WW90CH