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Garden Furniture 20% off during February

31st January 2019

Garden Furniture – countdown to Spring

Well, our new stocks are due at the beginning of March so we are clearing more space.  We are reducing all of our yard stocks of garden furniture by 20% during February – chairs, benches, tables and planters plus a few other goodies. We need to make space for next years stock so we are selling all stocked products at last years price and then a little more off as well.

Products included in the furniture clearance (listed in no particular order):

(NA) Northwood Arbour Seat; (WA) Westbury Arbour Seat
(AVO) Avon Garden Arch; (SEV) Severn Garden Arch (Arch Top),
(COT-4) Cotswold Bench 4′, (COT-5) Cotswold Bench 5′, (COT-6) Cotswold Bench 6′,

(WIN) Windermere Planter Bench; (BOX L) Box Planter Large; (BOX M) Box Planter Medium

(ASH) Ashby Picnic Table; (CWYE) Children’s Picnic Table; (SRPT) Supported Round Picnic Table
(WYC) Circular Picnic Table; (DART) Dartmoor Square Picnic Table;

(WYE) Wye Rectangular Picnic Table, integral bench seats
(RPT) Dean Rigid Picnic Table; (COT-GT) Cotswold Garden Table;
(DGT) Dean Garden Table; (DCT) Dean Circular Table,
(LCPT) Large HD Circular Picnic Table

(CHS) Hutton Chicken House; (DGH) Hutton Duck House; (DKS) Hutton Dog Kennel;
(SCL) Hutton Starter Coop  and a Cotswold Swing seat

many of these items are covered by the Manufacturers 15 Year Treat-Right Warranty.

plus a variety of other furniture we are sorting through. Items specifically excluded are Hutton Bird Tables plus any non-stock items shown on our website.


Clearance Fence panels – Concave CLT180

After many years of faithful service we have discontinued this product.   The Concave CLT180 panel has largely been displaced by the Omega mainly because it is available in four different heights.  This panel has been reduced down to £29.99 plus VAT, stock is quite fresh and when they have gone they have gone!

Garden Furniture 20% off during February

Wye Picnic Table