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4th January 2017

This Gecko Gauge is designed for the European HardiePlank.  Installation is made quicker by supporting the HardiePlank and gauging the correct spacing

JamesHardie fibre cement boards have become increasingly popular, if you are working with one pair of hands you need a Gecko Gauge – these JamesHardie clamps help users install fibre-cement cladding up to 48% faster than traditional methods. The user clamps a pair of Gecko Gauges to the siding course, allowing them to gauge and support the next course for nailing; a Friction-Cam mechanism on the gauge provides the holding power to support 12-foot siding lengths.

While the product is made in America it has been modified for metric boards. The gauge adjusts at 10mm for 100mm-240mm reveals and is designed for 8mm thick fibre cement cladding products.  Look for the code on the packaging, if you are cladding in Europe you need the SA903m8 model – designed for metric 8mm boards


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