Worktops in Devon

23rd October 2018

We are a large timber merchant and sell solid wood worktops from our base in Devon.  Most of our solid worktops are constructed from hardwoods, excepting bamboo.  Any worktop from our extensive range, once professionally installed, is suitable to use as a kitchen worktop. The buying decision largely rests on colour, size and of course price.

Popular solid wood worktops

Our most popular worktops are Oak, Beech and Iroko. These popular timber species are backed up by a range of other options.  Our standard worktops use 40mm wide staves but we also supply full stave worktops using 90mm staves.

Ebony and Ivory, Dark and Light Worktops

Well not quite ebony and ivory but colours range from the very light Ash and maple right through to Black oak and Wenge.  Other species such as Walnut, Zebrano and Iroko add a host of vibrant colours.  For finishing we stock Osmo top oils which include Clear Matt, Clear Satin and Natural.

Ordering Timber Worktops

Availability from the Importer is usually very good. Most worktop requirements can be met in 3 to 5 working days. Because of this short lead time we don’t normally keep worktops at our yard.  Simply call or phone with your requirements, provide payment details and we will order for you.

Worktops in Devon

Walnut worktop, the oiling process has highlighted the range of coloured staves