Thompsons Water Seal


  • Available in 5 litre tins


  • Use with tanalised timber sheds


  • Water based product


  • Check tin mentions wood

Product Details

Thompsons Water Seal is a recommended product for use with our tanalised sheds and buildings. Our Premier Shed range, uses Tanalith E preservative treatment which is designed to prevent rot and insect attack to the treated timbers. This tanalisation process gives softwood timber an increased service life. The treatment is not intended to perform as a waterproofing agent.  Therefore consider a product such as Thompson’s Water Seal.  You can watch a video of protecting a Hutton’s tanalised building here

One piece of advice, make sure you buy the one that shows four substrates on the tin – brick, stone, concrete and wood.  There is still some UK stock with a formulation that does not “officially” work for timber. While you are thinking about preserving timber also remember Ensele End preservative for any new timber cuts you might make.



Give the surface a decent scrub with a stiff bristle brush. Fill any cracks and do pointing repairs, if needed.  While it can be used on damp surfaces it should not be applied if it is raining or if rain is due.  Ideally you need the product to penetrate the surface layer and therefore not get washed away by rain

Thompsons Water Seal Application

Give the tin a good shake. Apply using a brush or roller. If you’re tackling a shed side or a wall, work in 1 metre sections from the bottom upwards. Once an area is fully saturated move onto the next section. Don’t forget to give those mortar lines a soaking too. Also make sure you treat the whole section and not just isolated areas.

As soon as the first coat has soaked in, you can proceed with the second coat

Clean Up

Clean your brushes and any other painting equipment in warm water and detergent

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