HardiePlank Colours Grey

  • Total of 21 colours available
  • Grey collection contains 5 colours 
  • JamesHardie Pearl Grey
  • JamesHardie Anthracite Grey
  • JamesHardie Grey Slate
  • JamesHardie Iron Grey
  • Midnight Black
  • Factory applied colour finish
  • Touch-up paints available

Product Details

HardiePlank Colours Grey are part of the Hardie range of 21 colours using ColourPlus technology. This helps to reduce maintenance on the HardiePlank fibre cement boards.   JamesHardie collate them into five collections, the most popular currently being Grey Colours.  The other four collections are Cool Colours, Fresh Colours, Neutral Colours and finally Warm Colours

HardiePlank Colours Grey

By 2018 the existing shades of grey Iron Grey and  Midnight Black were popular but needed more variation. Therefore three new grey colours were added during 2018: Pearl Grey; Grey Slate and Anthracite Grey.

Pearl Grey

A lighter neutral inspired from the softest colours in nature, pearl grey always feels elegant. Use it as an understated accent, or for a full house wrap. Don’t be fooled, this colour may seem unassuming, but Pearl Grey evokes a sense that every detail has been considered.

Grey Slate

Looking for a cozy, rustic neutral? This is one of those timeless shades that works as an accent or whole house colour. It also looks great with other greys and Arctic White. Neutral but with impact, Grey Slate is the perfect choice if you want a timeless look.

Iron Grey aka Iron Gray

An established grey colour,  Iron Grey’s deep, bold shade provides a dramatic yet elegant look. Pair with Arctic White trim for a crisp combination that pops.

Anthracite Grey

Create the house that everyone notices and admires. Anthracite Grey’s deep, bold shade exudes confidence, providing a dramatic yet elegant look. Pair with Arctic White trim for a crisp combination that pops.

Midnight Black

Not really a grey, but neither do we think of it as a colour either. Black has always been popular as an accent, but also as a wrap particularly in the Kent and Sussex areas.

Several colours were discontinued in 2018.  These colours, Ocean Blue, Rustic Brown, Parkside Pine and Countrylane Red may still be available after 2018 but minimum quantities would be over 220 pieces.  Please call with quantity required.

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Delivery details

Usually within 2-5 working days. Palletline deliveries may take 5-10 working days depending on area

We have been receiving more and more requests for HardiePlank from around the country. Working with Palletline for delivery means we can now deliver Hardie products to most of the UK Mainland.


HardiePlank Deliveries in Devon & Cornwall

At Southern Timber we offer a kerbside delivery for HardiePlank throughout most of Devon & Cornwall. Where this is via our own vehicles there is usually no delivery cost.  However, the delivery  may be chargeable depending on the delivery location and the total value of the order. Delivery lead time is usually between 2 and 5 working days.

Some of the more remote areas of Devon & Cornwall may have to be serviced by Palletline,  please see below.


HardiePlank Deliveries in Mainland UK

We now offer Palletline delivery to most of the UK Mainland.  Because of transport costs this delivery option  is most suited to larger renovations and new builds. Please note that access would be needed for a 36 tonne lorry and you would need to provide a mechanical offload on site. Palletline deliveries start at £168 inc. VAT.