Shadow Gap Cedar

  • Longer service life than most timber
  • High in tannins, naturally rot resistant
  • Colour ranges fade to attractive greys
  • Can be treated/stained to maintain colours
  • Lightweight timber, ideal for cladding
  • Stainless steel, copper or bronze fixings

Product Details

Cedar Shadowgap
Shadow gap, also known as angle channel cladding, is machined so that each board fits together with adjoining boards to allow dimensional movement, maintain it’s weatherproof integrity and provide an interesting contemporary finish.

Western Red Cedar Grades
Southern Timber supplies cedar cladding machined from grade No. 2 Clear & Better Western Red Cedar with 15% No.4’s. The No.2 grade means that only minor imperfections are allowed, allowing 15% of grade 4’s keeps the cost down and adds a little more character to the product. Cedar boards are popular for their stability, they are sap and resin free with a high tannin content making them naturally insect & rot resistant.

Shadow gap timber dimensions
These cedar boards are ex 22mm x 150mm and finish at 17mm thick with a cover of approximately 125mm. Cedar board lengths are variable but the majority are usually in the range of 1.83m to 6.1m (6′ to 20′). As with all cedar the colour from board to board can vary from a pale pink to a richer red/brown colour.

Cedar timber fixings
Cedar timber boards should be fixed with stainless steel or bronze alloy fixings because the natural tannins in the board will corrode iron, galvanised and aluminium fixings. A range of stainless steel annular nails is available from 25mm to 75mm, stainless steel panel pins and screws are also stocked. Paslode stainless nails are available to order, typically with a 24-48 hour lead time.

Cedar timber finishes
Cedar timbers are naturally a bright vibrant combination of pinks, reds and brown hues but without UV-protection they will begin to grey quite rapidly. Osmo UV-Protection Oil include clear and pigmented products to slow down the UV greying process.

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Delivery details

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