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Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire provides additional security when used with other fencing. It is most commonly used as one or two wires over the top of the wire stock fence. Demand still for mild steel and high tensile wire, therefore we sell both the top line on an agricultural fence.

High Tensile Barbed Wire

We stock a 2mm high tensile wire.  The high tensile wire is double galvanised for durability.  The 4 point galvanised wire is manufactured to BS EN 10223-1 1998, and the barbs are spaced 100mm apart.  Normally one run of this wire is positioned 50mm above the wire netting, with another run 150mm above. The first wire stops the livestock putting downward pressure on the wire netting.  The second run of wire is to increase the height of the fence.

Mild Steel Barbed Wire

Mild steel wire is still used in many applications but requires the use of more intermediate posts.  Traditionally used in agricultural fences, other applications for security fences

Both the mild steel and high tensile wires are supplied on a strong wooden spool. This helps with safer handling and ease of unwinding.  Both spools are 200 metres, but we also stock a mild steel roll of 15 metres.

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