Square PermaTimber Posts


  • Posts dried to 28% moisture
  • Incised on bespoke machine
  • Pressure treated with Osmose Celcure
  • Greater penetration chemicals
  • Best practices for cutting and drilling
  • Careful post install prolongs life
  • 15 Year Warranty from manufacturer

Product Details

Since 1999 we have been supplying sawn tanalised posts to South Devon and Cornwall. In 2012 we started introducing incised posts, also known as PermaTimber or PermaPosts, with a 15 year service life warranty. These posts supplement our ongoing range of standard sawn posts and our planed posts. Larger section posts can be found elsewhere on our website

While there are Terms & Conditions to validate the 15 Year Guarantee these are little more than good practice. The long service life of these posts only costs an extra 15% over the price of a standard post and provides peace of mind for the installer and end user alike.

Incised posts with 15 Year Warranty – sizes stocked

75mm x 75mm Permapost @ 1.8 metres
75mm x 75mm Permapost @ 2.4 metres

100mm x 100mm Permapost @ 1.8 metres
100mm x 100mm Permapost @ 2.4 metres
100mm x 100mm Permapost @ 3.0 metres

Incising, as the name suggests, is the process of cutting many small incisions into the surface of the post in order to let the preservative treatment enter more freely. These posts are incised to a depth of around 10mm which is particularly important for impermeable species such as Spruce. Normally the bottom 750mm – 800mm of the post is incised to protect the area that is in contact with the ground as this is the most vulnerable area.

In a word, wherever possible, don’t. PermaTimber products are effective because the Osmose Celcure AC500 treatment process forms a barrier or protective envelope to fungal and insect decay, the causes of rot. Any cutting or machining can break this protective barrier and therefore reduce the expected service life of the product. Cutting right through the product should be avoided, however if this is really not possible, the cut end should be re-applied with Osmose End Coat. It is also important to apply the Osmose treatment to any drilled holes or notches on the posts.

When installing timber products into the ground, it is essential that water can drain away from them. This can be achieved by putting at least 150mm of gravel / ballast / loose stone into the bottom of the hole, then placing the post into the hole, and then filling the hole with Postcrete to within 150mm of ground level. If concrete or Postcrete is at the bottom of the hole directly beneath the post, the water cannot drain away, and the likelihood of early decay increases. The top 150mm of the hole should be filled with either loose soil, or loose stony material to assist the drainage away from the post at ground level

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