Composite Deck Maintenance

  • Composite decking contemporary looks


  • Keeping it clean routines


  • BBQ and fire Pit best practice


  • Mould and Mildew control


  • Remove organic material including leaves


  • Warm water and brushing


  • Stubborn deposits may need cleaners


  • 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Product Details

Composite Deck Maintenance

When the deck is finally installed remember to keep that decking looking good will need a little bit of maintenance. These composite deckboards are hard wearing and the composite materials used mean the boards should not rot, splinter or warp like traditional timber boards might.  Because these composite deckboards are made primarily from recycled hardwood fibres there will inevitably be some fading of colour over time. This will be more pronounced in areas exposed to prolonged direct sunlight.

To keep your investment looking good you will need a broom, hot soapy water and a wash down with clean water.

Keeping it clean

As a general rule prevention is better than cure. Best practice on all decking materials is very similar. The following list of “do-nots” is not fully exhaustive.

  • Furniture and plant pots should be lifted, not dragged across the decking
  • Care should be taken when moving heavy items onto the deck. It is not helpful to drop large planters, plant pots, BBQs etc. onto the deck surface.
  • Items with metal feet should not be placed in direct contact with the deck surface.
  • Large plant pots should be raised slightly off the deck surface so that the air can circulate between the pot and the decking boards.
  • Strong chemical treatments such as bleach should be avoided. Equally be very careful when using corrosive chemicals, pool cleaners and weed killers near the deck. Wherever possible do not paddle over the deck if you have been painting or using chemicals.

Fire Pits and BBQs

Wherever possible heat sources such as BBQs and fire-pits should not be used on the decking. If you normally use these products then see if you can design your deck around these activities. If you decide to use these products on your decking then put a surface, preferably fire-proof, between the heat source and the decking. The fire pit or BBQ might conceivably emit embers onto the decking or somebody might trip over a leg of the BBQ. It is strongly recommended that these items are kept off the decking and any responsibility is therefore the customers.

Mould and mildew

Because composite boards absorb limited moisture they do not usually attract mould or fungi and they are resistant to insects.  However climatic differences in temperature and moisture can lead to increases in mould growth. This can often be the case especially along coastal areas with higher temperatures and humidity.  Routine checking of the deck and removal leaves and other organic materials should help reduce the risk of mould developing.  When, and if, mould develops it should be removed with warm soapy water and a brush.

How to clean your Composite decking

First of all use a yard brush to remove any leaves, twigs or debris from the surface of the deck.  Check the boards to see if there is any accumulation of moss or algae – this may mean using a hard bristle brush is required to clean the surface properly.

Next mix a bucket of hot soapy water or buy some composite decking cleaner and follow the instructions carefully.

Now apply the hot soapy water (or cleaner) to the decking.  Once this has been applied use the hard-bristle brush to clean the decking surface. Any remaining surface should now start to lift off. If the boards start to show scraping signs then best to add more soapy water or seek advice.

Finally let the soapy water on the surface to stand for several minutes. Then rinse the decking with clean water and ensure all traces of debris and cleaning solutions are removed. Leave to dry.

10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

Terms and conditions for this guarantee are available at the manufacturers website here. You will need to comply with these conditions to be eligible for the Manufacturer warranty. Southern Timber is not a party to any warranty offered by the Manufacturer, so cannot accept any liability.

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