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£5.47 including VAT

Polyhemp rope, not prone to shrinkage
Sold by the metre off 220 metre roll
Finish rope ends with waterproof tape
Solid brass rope fixings
Chrome plated rope fixings
Four different rope fixing rings/brackets

Product Details

Polyhemp Rope

First and foremost this Polyhemp rope provides a versatile barrier for decking and landscaping applications.  However the rope could also make an attractive option to grow climbing plants on. Because this rope is manufactured from Polyhemp it is a more stable product than manilla rope which tends to change colour and shrinks when it gets wet.  Polyhemp rope is a pale cream/off white colour when new and will fade or discolour depending on its location and exposure to light/shade and moisture.

Our Polyhemp rope should be used with our range of 28mm rope fittings: rope end; handrail bracket and the rope hook/rope eye on plate.  These fittings are available in Chrome Plated Brass or Solid Brass.  However, while it is possible to drill holes through your posts it will increase the chances of the rope rotting.  Similarly any holes drilled in the posts will weaken their intrinsic strength.

Purchasing Rope and accessories

Because Polyhemp rope is fairly easy to package we can send the product to most of mainland UK.   Simply measure how much you need and add say 10% for waste.   This product is priced per metre and we will supply as  one length of rope wherever possible.  Therefore you will also need some strong waterproof tape for securing the strands of rope after cutting.

Finally, we keep a range of  28mm Rope Accessory Products and each rope fitting comes complete with screws.

1. Brass Rope End Plate
2. Brass Rope Handrail Bracket
3. Brass Rope Hook
4. Brass Rope Eye on plate

5. Chrome Rope End Plate
6. Chrome Rope Handrail Bracket
7. Chrome Rope Hook
8. Chrome Rope Eye on Plate

Suggested cutting instruction

This rope would ideally be cut using an hot knife or similar. We would still recommend tightly wrapping the cut end with a exterior tape to hold the rope together once installed in the rope fitting.  If you do not have access to a hot knife then we suggest the following.

  1. Measure and mark where you want to cut the rope
  2. Placed the tape so that there is equal tape either side of your cut mark, tightly wrap the tape around the rope.
  3.  Re measure and mark the tape to make sure it is in the right place
  4. Ideally use a mitre jig with a 90degree slot on it to hold the rope whilst cutting
  5. Place mark in line with the slot and cut
  6. Use a new/sharp saw gentle cut through the rope, occasionally stop to clear rope fibres from the teeth of the saw.
  7. If necessary apply more tape to secure the end of the rope.

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Delivery details

Usually within 2-3 working days

At Southern Timber we offer a kerbside delivery through the Torbay, Teignbridge, Exeter, South Hams and Plymouth areas. While most deliveries are free sometimes they may be chargeable depending on location and the total value of the order.

We offer next day delivery, when required, for our normal delivery days (Monday to Friday) and areas. Customers are requested to phone in before 12.00pm on the day prior to delivery with their complete product listing, delivery address and payment details.