DuraPost U Channel

    • 25 Year Guarantee
    • Choice of four colours
    • Lightweight and highly durable
    • 100% End of life recyclable
    • Significantly lighter than concrete
    • ideal for use at the end of the fence

Product Details

The DuraPost U Channel was introduced to combine the best qualities of traditional timber and concrete posts.  Made in the UK from galvanised steel the DuraPost system features a choice of colours and if installed carefully should be maintenance free.

Why use a U Channel?

By using powder coated metals in the construction there are several benefits – lower weight, colour options, low maintenance and durability. Most products are available in plain galvanised, anthracite grey, olive grey and sienna brown.

DuraPost is made in the UK from cold-rolled galvanised steel. They are designed to face the worst weather without warping or cracking and is guaranteed for up to 25 years. This unique design has been tested and proven to be able to withstand winds up to 110mph.

The DuraPost U Channel is a durable lightweight fencing component. Therefore they can be carried and fitted by one person. Its perfect for finishing a run of fencing, going around a corner and fixing pedestrian gates.


Featured Accessories

DuraPost have optional fencing accessories.

These stylish accessories are a simple addition to give your fence that extra glow. DuraPost accessories come color matched to the posts. Therefore we hold in stock: Capping Rail, Post Caps, Gravel Board, Gate Post, Z Boards and Bolt downs.


Look no further than DuraPost to meet the modern customer’s demands for sustainability as well as style. Made of 50% recycled steel in the UK using a low energy manufacturing process, DuraPost posts are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life. Lightweight and easy to transport, emissions and transport efforts are cut significantly.

Installation options

With DuraPost, it’s never been more easier to install your fencing. Firstly if you’re using pre-made panels, simply dig the hole and set your first DuraPost in with Post Concrete. Secondly, secure your gravel board into position with colour-matched screws. Then you can slot your pre-made fence panel into the DuraPost and screw into place. Next, position the second DuraPost, check the alignment and then set with Post Concrete. Finally, you can sit back and relax and admire your new fence.

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