Balau Decking Profiled

  • Durable hardwood deckboards
  • Upgrade from softwood decking
  • Popular for balconies & coastal installs
  • Complementary smooth & low-slip boards
  • Oil boards or leave to grey naturally

Product Details

Hardwood deckboards are approximately three times the price of softwood deckboards. They are more durable and ideally they should be oiled every year to maintain the boards colour and encourage water run off.

Balau, also known as Bangkirai, is a durable hardwood and popular for machining decking boards.  Our Balau stocks are normally TFT (Tropical Forest Trust) certified, the boards are of Malaysian origin and are a yellowish brown colour with a moderately fine grain.

Length availability is normally 11-13  foot (3.3 – 3.9 metre) lengths, larger areas can be divided into smaller sections by using smooth Balau deckboards, this avoids having to carefully align the ends of profiled boards. Smooth boards are also useful as a visual indicator of deck level changes, the complementary low-slip hardwood deckboards can be used for steps and high traffic areas.

Balau deckboards are air dried and untreated, there will inevitably be some colour variations between boards.   Oiling will help to even out any colour differences which will eventually disappear if the boards are allowed to go grey.  It is normally recommended to allow 3-6 months to allow the natural tannins to leach out of the timber.

Hardwood decking boards are naturally rot and insect resistant, during air drying the boards are spaced with narrow hardwood strips which might initially show as lighter strips along the deckboards  length. The boards sometimes have some tiny pinhole marks in the timber face – this pinhole feature is permissible within the products grade. Newer, fresh cut boards might also leach lightly for the first few weeks so care must be taken near light coloured materials e.g. limestone chippings.  To help reduce the leaching from board ends you can use Osmo wax seal.

We also keep a range of stainless steel fixings for use with this product.   Images of hardwood decks provided by Legendary Landscapes and Clipper Garden Services.

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