Millboard Fixings

  • Separate Millboard pdf for full details
  • Storage & handling guidelines
  • Joist spacing between 300mm & 400mm
  • Advice on board colours & variation
  • Fixing with Durafix stainless screws
  • Cleaning boards of cement or lime stains
  • Millboard edging recommended for decks


Product Details

Millboard supply fixings for their composite decking that are designed to get the best out of their products.  Firstly, when setting out there are decking supports made from “Plas-Pro” which is made using  100% recycled plastic. The dense Plas Pro is impervious to water ingress and will not rot, swell or split like wood which helps reduce maintenance time and costs.  It is an ideal product for installations near water and damp environments including jetties, fishing platforms, roof terraces and boardwalks.  We also carry a range of plastic-lumber as an alternative.

For laying 45º to the joist, reduce the joist centres to 300mm for residential and 240mm for commercial use. Always leave a 10mm expansion gap between ends of bearers and joists.  When installing Plas-Pro frame solutions, drill the fixing holes oversize to allow the material to expand. Posts should always have a minimum of a third of their length in the ground, subject to a minimum of 400mm post in the ground. Cuts must always be positioned over joists.

Millboard fixings include Pedestal Products

Plas-Pro products are complementary to Millboard’s terrace pedestal products and together present a “non-rot external flooring system”.  We usually stock 50mm x 50mm, 50mm x 125mm and 100mm x 100mm plas-pro products.  These posts and bearers can be used for freestanding installations or for balcony, garage and flat roof top installations.

The adjustable pedestals are ideal for podium decks and terraces, they are designed to allow pipe work and services to be laid beneath Millboard. Pedestals also help to improve air circulation and preventing rot. The weight of the joists is spread evenly, creating a sturdy support, and they’re available in incremental adjustable sizes up to 300mm tall, giving you complete control of the height of the area. For a domestic or light commercial installation they should be spaced every 600mm.  However for a commercial install they should be spaced at every 400mm

Millboard Durafix Decking Screws

These Durafix stainless steel fixings are a good investment, there is no need to pre-drill or countersink, they just screw straight in. However, this is not the case with cheaper, lower specification stainless screws. Durafix Trimhead Fixings are made from A2 Stainless Steel and are available in 50mm and 60mm lengths in boxes of 250.  Both screw lengths are 4.5mm in width and include an appropriate sized Torx bit. Providing these screws are correctly fitted the Lastane® coating material on every Millboard flexes back over the fixing. Therefore the Durafix screws leave a virtually indistinguishable mark and creating a cleaner finish.

Millboard Touch Up Coating

Finally, if the Millboard boards get marked during installation then wash them with hot, soapy water and a firm broom straightaway. To remove any cement and lime-based stains, Millboard recommend using Geocel Brick and Mortar Cleaner. Test a small area first and follow the mixing instructions, leaving for five minutes before washing off with soapy water. However, if all else fails use the Millboard Touch-up Coating to match and blend in the exposed ends.

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