Trade 38mm Boards

  • Quality deckboards at lower price
  • Ex. 38mm, 32mm actual finish size
  • Joist spacing up to 600mm centres
  • Usually available in 3.6m & 4.8m lengths
  • Treat cross-cuts with Ensele

Product Details

Our 38mm Trade Deckboards feature a castellated profile one side, plus a ribbed profile on the reverse allowing the installer a choice of creative options. These decking boards are machined from a kiln-dried blank. These ex-38mm x 125mm (finish size 32mm x 120mm) deckboards can be used with joist centre spacing of up to 600mm. Their dimensions make them suitable for use in elevated decks, balconies, walkways and in stairs installations providing they are of course supported by appropriate sized posts and joists.

Our range of “Trade” decking in 32mm and 38mm thickness was introduced in 2011. Our Premier range of redwood deckboards sit a little higher in the range, machined from Scandinavian redwood and treated with new generation Tanalith E preservative means which means we can offer a 15 Year Manufacturers Warranty with the Premier range of deckboards.

Length wise we normally carry a choice of 2-3 different length but they are usually somewhere around the 3.6 metre and 4.8 metre range. The supply of these boards means we are unable to stock a full range of lengths

When designing your deck you might consider incorporating a few of our smooth 38 x 125 deckboards. This might be purely for aesthetic reasons but can also be used to highlight changes in deck level. They can also be used in larger decks where it is not possible to cover a full run – a 12 metre run could be divided into 3 areas of approximately 4 metres – the smooth boards being used to separate the different areas of the deck.

Another design consideration would be the use of our 38mm Anti Slip deckboards, particularly on steps and ramps/walkways. Many external surfaces can become slippery in the wet, particularly wood, slabs and concrete. Any area that is facing north, north-west, or where the sun doesn’t reach is likely to get an algae growth making the situation worse. Annual maintenance using a gentle-power hose and brush can help to keep the algae under control.

All of our deckboards are imported as sawn blanks then machined and pressure treated in England. This pressure treatment, Tanalith E, starts as a light green but mellows to a light honey brown after being exposed to a few weeks sunlight; after 18-24 months this may change to a grey colour which is perfectly normal. As with all Tanalised timbers any cut boards should be treated with two coats of Ensele.

Give the decking a gentle wash with a hose and then brush away any debris or algae that might have established itself. Do not use pressure washers on anything other than a gentle setting, otherwise the boards may fir up and make the algae situation worse. Ideally the boards should then be treated with a good quality decking oil to act as both a water repellent and to slow down algae growth. At Southern Timber we recommend Osmo and Liberon decking oils.

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