• Available in a range of sizes


    • Three convex and one concave option


    • Pressure-treated framing and latticework


    • Smooth planed components


    • Latticework enclosed in sturdy framing


    • Framing available separately


Product Details

Diamond Lattice vs Sawn Trellis

Our Diamond Lattice  panels have a more contemporary style.  The battens have a smooth planed finish and the edges are nicely rounded.  The battens are arranged in a  diamond pattern and secured within a nicely rebated planed edging.  Sawn trellis uses sawn battens which are regularised but not as smooth.  Edges are more square and the battens are arranged in a square design.  Both products are manufactured in Poland.

Diamond Lattice Overview

We carry a range of these Lattice panels. Most of these are rectangular or square, but we also have three convex and one concave option. All our diamond lattice panels are manufactured from pressure-treated timber to improve the service life of the product.  The lattice strips are framed and sturdy enough to use as panels within the garden. The batten spacing on the battens in these panels means the square holes are approximately 65mm.

Diamond Lattice Panel   1.80 metres x 0.30 metres (approx. 6’ x 1’)
Diamond Lattice Panel   1.80 metres x 0.60 metres (approx. 6’ x 2’)
Diamond Lattice Panel   1.80 metres x 0.90 metres (approx. 6’ x 3’)
Diamond Lattice Panel   1.80 metres x 1.20 metres (approx. 6’ x 4’)
Diamond Lattice Panel   1.80 metres x 1.50 metres (approx. 6’ x 5’)
Diamond Lattice Panel   1.80 metres x 1.80 metres (approx. 6’ x 6’)

When these lattice panels are used with our HD Lap Panels you would need to use some battens, or planed fillet, to bring the width up to 1.83 metres.

Convex and Concave options

We can also offer one convex and three concave panels.

Convex Lattice Panel   1.80 metres x 0.30 metres (approx. 6’ x 1’). 300mm to edge, 500mm to middle of panel

Convex Lattice Panel   1.80 metres x 0.60 metres (approx. 6’ x 2’).  600mm to edge, 800mm to middle of panel

Because of the style of these panels they are considerably higher in the middle of the lattice than the edges.  The battens match those of the rectangular lattice with a hole space of approximately 70mm


Convex  Lattice Panel   1.83 metres x 1.80 metres (approx. 6’ x <6’). 1.61m to edge, 1.8m to middle of panel

Concave Lattice Panel   1.83 metres x 1.80 metres (approx. 6’ x 6’).  1.57m to edge, 1.37m to middle of panel

These lattice panels use a smaller batten that does not match anything else in our panel or lattice ranges.  Hole spacing is also much smaller, approximately 40mm


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