Liberon ColourCare Decorative Woodstains

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Liberon are a finishes specialist, producing a range of timber care products that include varnishes, oils and waxes.

Oil finishes are one of the oldest forms of wood finishing, oils give a natural, hard-wearing finish with an unmistakable sheen and natural smoothness.  Oil finishes have several practical benefits including being highly resistant to moisture and heat. They are easy to apply and maintain, simply re-apply a coat of oil when required.  Oil finishes also enhance timber’s natural colours and grain pattern

Oil finishes are penetrating finishes, which means they soak into the fibres of the wood and therefore darken the timber slightly. A wet surface is an indication of the final colour. As with all timber finishes it is recommended that oils are tested in an inconspicuous area so that colour compatibility and final appearance can be assessed before applying to the entire product


Waxes provide a traditional, classic finish to enhance wooden furniture and provide wood protection against stains. Made from natural ingredients, they produce a soft, satin sheen and give furniture a silky feel.

Wax finishes can be applied directly onto bare wood and also be applied over French polish, varnish or oil to create an extra protective barrier. While wax finishes are easy to repair and maintain by re-waxing the affected area. However a wax finish is the least durable of all the finishes and needs to be regular maintenance. Wax finishes are not suited for areas of high moisture, an oil or varnish finishes would be more suitable.


Varnish is ideal for items that are in heavy use, where the maximum protection is required. Finishing wood with varnish protects against stains, scratches and also liquid damage, it is also used to improve the aesthetics, leaving your surfaces looking beautiful as well as protected.

Varnishes are highly resistant to water, heat and alcohol, meaning your wood is well protected. They are quick and easy to apply and no maintenance is required. While varnish protects furniture from scratches and stains it cannot be repaired and has to be stripped back and completely removed before re-varnishing.

Woodstains this ranges allows you to give a contemporary twist to any exterior cladding, it is Micro porous so still allows the timber to breath after the wood stain has been applied

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