• Stock Osmo, Liberon and Rustins
  • Ensure deck clean before applying oils
  • Use deck cleaner, if badly soiled
  • Decking oils inhibit growth of algae
  • Oils reduce boards swelling & shrinking
  • Choice of decking oil colours

Product Details

Decking Oil from Osmo, Liberon and Rustins

Decking oil serves several purposes. Any exterior surface can become slippery, especially where there has been a build up of algae.  This is one of the reasons we recommend customers gently wash and then brush their decking twice a year.  We stock a range of Osmo, Rustins and Liberon decking oil products which penetrate into the timber to help preserve the timber. They also provide a surface coating to reduce the absorption of moisture and UV damage.

Decking Boards just been laid?

New decking boards normally have a light green tinge to them this is from the pressure treatment process, this green colour gradually changes into a more mellow light brown colour and then to a dull grey.  This discolouration is primarily caused by UV rays.  Some customers prefer to keep this mellow grey finish. This is no indication of pressure treatment deteriorating, its just the pigment in it fading.  We advise that some form of deck oil is applied at this point regardless to help reinforce the pressure treatment and creates an additional UV barrier.  Our premier Deckboards carry a 15 Year  Warranty but the decking oil helps with appearance as well

Hardwood decking procedure

Anyone with a hardwood deck can follow pretty much the same advice. However because of the density of hardwood it is recommended to leave the boards for 3 to 6 months before treatment.

While we can’t stop the rain we can help slow down its effects.  Timber will absorb moisture from the surrounding air, meaning timber tends to expand when wet and shrink when dry. In the summer months this can lead to deck board cracking on the surface.  Applying decking oil on a regular basis will help inhibit the growth of algae. This should reduce the risk of slipping is also reduced and keeps the boards looking fresh.

We also stock Rustins Textured Decking Oil this can be applied on new or old decking, in areas which have become slippery.

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At Southern Timber we offer a kerbside delivery through the Torbay, Teignbridge, Exeter, South Hams and Plymouth areas. While most deliveries are free sometimes they may be chargeable depending on location and the total value of the order.

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