Flo Plast Land Drains

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Land Drains

Land drains are used to remove excess water from in areas where excessive water is becoming a problem. They are mainly installed in fields and domestic gardens. The perforations in the HDPE drainage pipe allows seeping water to ingress the pipe. Capillary action then contains the excess water within the pipe and allows it to flow to its destination.  This might be into Stormwater Attenuation Tanks, sometimes referred to as Modular Plastic Geo Cellular Units (egg crates).  Alternatively the waters might be diverted into a watercourse such as a stream or lake etc. and this may require permission being sought.

We stock Flo Plast branded land drainage accessories.   They are perforated and coiled land drainage pipes and are manufactured in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene Pipe).
Land drains are commonly used in agriculture, building construction sites and gardens.  They are particularly useful in areas with heavy ground conditions such as clay.
Relieves hydrostatic pressure.


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