Friulsider Split Ground Plates

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  • Fits sawn or planed posts
  • Suits unusual post sizes
  • Hot Dip Galvanised finish
  • Four size available
  • Sold in pairs

Product Details

Split Ground Plates for supporting non-standard sized posts

The Friulsider Split Ground Plates are designed for use on square posts.  Decking planed posts can differ in size, we stock 95mm, 82mm and 70mm finished planed posts.   Standard post bases and anchors often have to packed out to provide a firm fix.  Using these plates in pairs helps to solve this problem.  They help to provide a quick and secure fit on planed post and sawn posts alike.

Robust design and construction

Manufactured using heavy duty 3mm Hot dipped galvanised metal the plates come with pre-drilled fixing holes. There are two for ground fixing and four for to fix to the post (screws are NOT included).  Available in three sizes there is a ground plate to suit almost every application.

Finaly we would recommend fitting each split plate to the posts before post installation.  This way reduces the possibility of the post moving compared to installing the plates on the ground or deck first and then fitting the post. You might also consider flush post anchors 

Sizes available and posts size recommendations

45mm plates (Dimensions A&B = 46mm/ C = 50mm /D = 70mm / E = 134mm)
Suitable for 75mm Planed posts (finish approx. 69mm) sawn posts 75-100mm

60mm plates (Dimensions A&B = 62mm/ C = 60mm /D = 94mm / E = 149mm) 
Suitable for 75mm Planed posts (finish approx. 69mm) sawn posts 75-100mm

80mm plates (Dimensions A&B = 82mm/ C = 64mm /D = 119mm / E = 149mm)
Suitable for 100mm Planed posts (finish approx. 92mm) sawn posts 100-125mm

105mm plates (Dimensions A&B = 107mm/ C = 84mm /D = 154mm / E = 198mm)
Suitable for 125-150mm posts

Accessory Products

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This elevated post support can support post sizes from 100mm x 100mm up to a maximum of 200mm x 200mm.  This Simpson Strong-Tie adjustable post support allows for fine height adjustments after installation.  Ideally suited for Awning posts, Pergolas and Verandas.

Where posts need to be fitted on an existing hard surface such as concrete or brick the Bolt-Down Post Supports are ideal.  Due to their reduced base plate they can still be fitted if space is at a premium or access is restricted.  Available in 75x75mm or 100x100mm.


Delivery details

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We offer next day delivery, when required, for our normal delivery days (Monday to Friday) and areas. Customers are requested to phone in before 12.00pm on the day prior to delivery with their complete product listing, delivery address and payment details.

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