Oak T&G Character Grade

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Character Oak Flooring

Our Character Oak Flooring boards are tongue and groove along the long edges.  These solid Oak boards are machined from rustic grade American White Oak. We buy a specific production ensuring consistency of product. It has a lower moisture content compared to many boards; kiln dried to 8-10 % to give greater stability and has good length specification.

Because the oak is a rustic grade, it does display a variety of figuring and colour, with large and small knots and splits. Consequently we recommend working in 15% for wastage.

Board widths stocked

Boards are usually available in ex. 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm and 225mm widths. Board lengths vary between 2.1m and 4.2m; so please ring the office for length and width availability.

Using Character oak flooring

These boards are perfect for high traffic areas in the home, are easy to clean and maintain and can be sanded and refinished several times. We recommend acclimatising in the room that it is to be fitted for at least 14 days prior to laying. The machined boards have a central tongue so that the boards can be turned over as required. We do not recommend using these boards with underfloor heating systems. If using glue, it must be totally flexible (Sika -52/-54). If nailing or screwing, the battens in the subfloor must be totally seasoned and dry.

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Usually within 1-2 working days