Vinyl Floor Options

  • Elegant – fine grain structure
  • Natural – visible grain, knots and cracks
  • Intense – like Natural but more character
  • Stone – texture that looks like stone!
  • Brushed – brushed wood appearance
  • Saw Cut – looks like rough sawn wood
  • Finish – all in subtle matt finish
  • Rustic bevel – dark and distinct, character
  • Modern bevel – more contemporary

Product Details

The vinyl floor options and combination from Quick-Step are considerable. They aim for each of their floors to have it’s own character and appearance. The Quick-Step vinyl flooring range is made up of products with differing combinations of structure, treatment, finishing and bevel to suit the character of each floor’s design


There are four structures offered with these vinyl floors.
The Elegant wood structure has a very subtle surface with a fine grain structure. This provides a wood effect with a natural look and feel.
The Natural wood structure has a surface where grain, knots and cracks are visible in the product. Also, these ‘imperfections’ can be felt in the surface structure, just like with real timber.
Another option, the Intense wood structure has a variety of depths and gloss levels to emphasise the knots and cracks. This product is designed to make the surface structure more pronounced than with a natural timber surface
Finally, Stone structure is exactly that, a surface texture that exhibits the structure of a stone pattern


Treatments includes Brushed and Saw Cut options. Brushed is where the surface is processed to make it appear to have been brushed – this adds depth and character to the floor surface.
The Saw Cut option is an effect where the product appears to have been roughly cut during machining.


In terms of Finish all vinyl floor options have been finished in matt. This is intended to give the floor a more natural look.


Finally, there are two bevel finishes, rustic and modern. The Rustic bevel is a distinct and dark coloured bevel. Because of this the floor appears more rustic and has a reclaimed character.
The Modern bevel is less obtrusive, it helps to define the edges and results in a cleaner and more modern look.

Phone to order

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Delivery details

Usually within 5-7 working days

Our Quick-Step suppliers indicate a 5-7 day lead time on this vinyl product. It can be ordered for collection from our Devon yard, or we can arrange delivery to your home in the mainland UK. There will be a delivery charge of £40 plus VAT, that is £48 including VAT.

Please note that the hauliers normally deliver to trade and commercial sites and will need access for a large delivery lorry. They will therefore need to be advised of any possible access restrictions. This is a kerbside delivery so there will need to be an able-bodied person be on site to put the flooring under cover and sign for the delivery.