Décor Gates

Product Details

Joinery Quality Timber
The Balmoral entrance gates are made for us in the UK using kiln dried joinery quality Scandinavian redwood timber.  Other styles of gate are also available.

Each gate is made from a cutting list of components which are then banded together and pressure treated with Tanalith-E wood preservative. This treatment helps protect the timber against decay and fungal attack and provides an increased service life when compared to products made with standard dip treatment. After drying each gate is then assembled and hand finished.

Hardwood Option
The Balmoral gates can also be made in hardwood. This is normally from Iroko but sometimes they are constructed from Sapele, both of these timber species are durable and stable. While Hardwood is a more expensive option the extra durability should be compensated by a significantly longer service life.

Sizes Available
Lets be fair, not all gateways are the same size, so we can have the Balmoral gates made available to your preferred dimensions. We normally price the gates by individual leaf, i.e. two leaf = 1 pair and 4’, 5’ and 6’ height and widths. Please phone for guide prices

Looking after your Gates
All Southern Timber softwood gates are pressure treated to help protect the timber against decay and fungal attack. This pressure treatment, Tanalith E, starts as a light green but changes to a light honey brown, then after 18-24 months to a grey colour which is perfectly normal.

We would strongly recommend applying extra protection and some colour by applying wood stain/preservatives Osmo, Liberon or Treatex. Osmo Wood Stain is available in a wide range of colours and will help repel rain water from penetrating through the gate surface. Osmo Country Colour looks more like a conventional paint finish but is microporous and allows the wood to breathe – it won’t bubble, blister or peel like a conventional paint finish.


Phone to order

01803 813 803

Lines open 7:30 - 17:00 Mon - Fri

Delivery details

Usually within 21-28 days

  • Choice of gate styles
  • Single or made as pair
  • Softwood or Hardwood
  • Gate furniture available
  • All made to order