Drivetex Geotextile Fabric

  • A heavy duty, non-woven geotextile fabric
  • ground stabilisation, filtration and drainage
  • Drivetex is a professional driveway fabric
  • retains strength when used below ground 
  • Roll size of 2.25m x 25 metres
  • Joint overlap minimum of 300mm



Product Details

Drivetex Ground Stabilisation

Firstly this is a heavy duty, non-woven geotextile fabric providing the best performance in ground stabilisation, filtration and drainage. Drivetex is a professional driveway fabric, to be used beneath MOT Type 1 or 3 aggregate or hardcore in sub-base layers. This fabric helps to prevent the sinking and rutting caused by the settlement of aggregates into the soil beneath (sub-grade) – a process known as ‘pumping’.
This high quality product does not lose strength when used below ground, making it a popular choice for driveways, roads and other areas subject to vehicular traffic. Drivetex can also be used for the construction of land (French) drains, for wrapping soakaway crates and for use beneath permeable paving installations.

Our standard sized roll is 2.25m x 25 metres, other sized rolls can be ordered.  However, each order would be priced according to quantity and carriage costs.

Installation Guidelines
(for use as a ground stabilisation membrane)

1. Excavate soil (sub-grade) to the required depth (allowing for sufficient depth of sub-base, base course layer and the surface finish e.g. block paviours, tarmac etc, including any base layer required for these. The depths of each layer will vary depending on the intended use e.g. pedestrian/vehicle use, light/heavy use).
2. Lay the DRIVETEX fabric out and ensure joints are overlapped by a minimum of 300mm (overlaps should be kept to a minimum). For some applications the specification may require DRIVETEX to be jointed using other methods, e.g. stitching, gluing etc.
3. Then secure the fabric using EXTRAFIX fixing pegs.
4. Lay the sub-base layer over the fabric and compact using a compacting plate or roller.
5. Following installation of the sub-base, the base layers for the surface finish can then be laid.

Installation Guidelines
(for use as a drainage membrane)

1. Firstly excavate a trench to a suitable depth and width for the land drain
2. Then line the base and sides of the trench with DRIVETEX fabric, cutting to size where required. Overlaps should be kept to a minimum, but they should be at least 300mm. Leave enough DRIVETEX fabric protruding beyond the top of the trench on both sides to cover (with an overlap) the shingle/gravel before backfilling the trench.
3. Add a bed of 10mm pea shingle (or similar)  in the base of the trench on top of the DRIVETEX fabric.
4. Lay the perforated pipe on top of the shingle and then fill round with more shingle/gravel, leaving at least 75mm surrounding the pipe.
5. Then cover the top of the shingle, or gravel, with the remaining DRIVETEX fabric
6. Finally backfill the rest of the trench with soil before installing the surface finish .

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