Groundtex Weed Fabric

  • Multi-purpose geo fabric
  • Use for weed suppression
  • Also use for ground stabilisation
  • Tough woven fabric
  • Surface weeding still may be necessary
  • Double layer Groundtex where required


Product Details

Firstly Groundtex weed fabric is a good ‘all round’ or multi-purpose geo fabric. It can be used for weed suppression and ground stabilisation in both soft and hard landscaping schemes. Certainly this is a tough woven fabric which successfully meets the requirements for use above ground as a heavy duty weed barrier.

Because of its excellent strength and tear resistance, GROUNDTEX can also be used below ground as a stabilising and separating geotextile in groundwork and civil engineering applications. Therefore GROUNDTEX can be used beneath type 1 aggregate, sharp/angular stone and gravel including areas of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.


(for use as a heavy duty weed control membrane)

1. Prepare the area where the fabric is to be laid by strimming any existing vegetation down to ground level.

2. Remove any stalks or sharp objects that could pierce the fabric.

3. For areas badly affected by weed growth, apply a suitable weedkiller.

4. Lay the GROUNDTEX fabric out and ensure joints are overlapped by a minimum of 100mm.

5. Secure using EXTRAFIX fixing pegs. The best way to secure the edges of the fabric is by ‘spitting’ or ‘trenching’ the fabric 100-150mm into the soil.

6. Cover the fabric with a layer of bark or other mulch or decorative stones by a minimum of 50mm.



1 GROUNDTEX is a woven fabric designed to suppress weeds, but does not eliminate the need for surface weeding as a result of seeds dropped by birds etc growing in the surface covering.

2. Finally this weed fabric will suppress most weeds but particular attention should be paid to very invasive weeds/grasses such as Mare’s Tail, Bindweed, Crocosmia, Ground Elder, Couch Grass, nettles, brambles and some bulbs. A weedkiller should be applied first and then we would recommend laying a double layer of GROUNDTEX or a double layer of the surface covering (e.g. min 100mm of bark) or both for severe areas. N

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