Landscaping Pegs

  • Sturdy 50mm x 50mm size
  • Pointed for easier driving
  • Pressure treated with preservative
  • Three sizes normally available
  • Ideal for lawn edging
  • Main use for sitework & setting out

Product Details

Landscape pegs

Landscape pegs, or site pegs, are pressure treated 50mm timbers with a chiseled point for setting out, shuttering, house signs, fixing lawn & drive edgings and several other applications. These sturdy pegs are machined then tanalised making them more durable and longer lasting than cutting down long lengths of treated timber.  The pointed end makes for easier driving of the peg to the required depth.

Standard stock sizes in three different lengths:

• 50mm x 50mm at 0.6 metres (approx. 2” square at 2’ long)

• 50mm x 50mm at 0.9 metres (approx. 2” square at 3’ long)

• 50mm x 50mm at 1.2 metres (approx. 2” square at 4’long)

Landscape pegs are also useful for securing the timbers on smaller raised beds

Alternatives for landscape pegs/site pegs

Alternatively longer lengths of tanalised 50mm x 50mm timber can be used but if they are for permanent fixing they cannot be considered as a substitute. The service life of a cross cut timber will be much lower than a timber peg treated for use in ground contact. However an improvement in service life may be achieved by using Ensele end grain preservative.

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