ProVent Flooring Underlay

  • Multi-function flooring product
  • European manufactured
  • Integral vapour barrier
  • Designed for use with floating floors
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Reduces sound impact by up to 20db
  • Handy 15 sq metre rolls

Product Details

ProVent Underlay
ProVent underlay is a quality multifunctional product. It helps to eliminate underfloor water vapour with unique ‘micropumping’ ventilation system. The product also includes a vapour barrier and helps to level out any slight unevenness in sub floors. ProVent floor underlay is 3.3mm thick and reduces impact sound reduction by 20db. Most importantly the product is compatible with underfloor heating and is supplied in a convenient 15m² roll.

White foam underlay is cheaper. Why?
Budget underlays are generally about 2-3 mm thick and are essentially a very thin lightweight foam, often referred to as white foam underlay. They have minimal insulating or sound reduction properties, and usually no Vapour barrier. ProVent isn’t generally much more expensive but has considerably more benefits.

Integrated Vapour Barrier
ProVent has a vapour barrier, the purpose of which is to prevent moisture from a sub-floor adversely effecting a new floor installation. The vapour barrier is not a replacement for a waterproof membrane in the sub floor, its purpose is to deal with any relative differences between the moisture level in the sub-floor and the environment above the sub floor. All ground floor underlays should be taped at the seams to prevent moisture from getting through.

Designed for use with floating floors
ProVent is suitable for most applications with floating floors including concrete sub floors, on wooden sub floors and also over ceramic tiles. Underlays are needed when floor boards are being s installed as a “floating floor”. The phrase “floating floor” means that the floor covering isn’t permanently fixed down to the ground underneath it.

Careful installation
The Instructions for ProVent should be followed carefully so the vapour barrier is laid uppermost and the profiled side facing down, this is to ensure that the air channels work most efficiently for the ‘micropumping’ ventilation system.

ProVent is suitable for use over under floor heating, and finally the underlay is rated at impact sound reduction by up to 20 db, which is significant but in common with even expensive underlays will not prevent noise altogether.

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