Treatex Hardwax Oil

  • Treatex use mainly natural ingredients
  • Microporous finish prevents blistering
  • Treatex Hardwax in Matt or Satin
  • Treatex Hardwax Gloss to special order
  • Treatex “Natural” reduces board darkening
  • Choice of  Clear in 0.5, 1 or 2.5 Litre tins
  • Colour tones for creative option
  • Sample pots available at low cost
  • Note: Hardwax is for interior use only

Product Details

Treatex – Clear Matt & other Hardwax Oils
Treatex Hardwax Oil has been developed to protect and enhance the natural beauty of wooden flooring and joinery products. The product is user friendly, quick drying, easy to maintain but above all to provide a hard wearing and attractive finish. While the product is suitable for all types of internal joinery including floors, stairs, doors, furniture and kitchen worktops it’s success will depend on being used properly.

Treatex Green Credentials
One of the key features of the Treatex range is their environmental, green pedigree – this Hardwax product is based on natural sustainable raw materials: jojoba oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, candelilla wax and carnauba wax.

Using Treatex Hardwax Oils
It is recommended that the tins of Treatex are left in the room where the work is to be completed for a day or two so the Treatex Hardwax Oil is at room temperature before use. Stir tins thoroughly before application and it is strongly recommended to conduct a small trial application before starting work on the main area . When colouring a previously oiled surface a trial application is essential.

Hardwax products kept in stock
We normally keep stocks of the following Hardwax Oils in our Office near Newton Abbot, Devon. Other, more unusual colour tones, oils can be ordered in where required.

Treatex Hardwax Oil, Matt in 0.45L, 1.0L and 2.5 Litre tins
Treatex Hardwax Oil, Satin in 0.45L, 1.0L and 2.5 Litre tins
Treatex Hardwax Oil, Gloss – to Special Order
Treatex Hardwax Oil, Natural Clear in 1.0L and 2.5 Litre tins
Treatex Hardwax Oil, Light Oak in 1.0L and 2.5 Litre tins
Treatex Hardwax Oil, Medium Oak in 1.0L and 2.5 Litre tins
Treatex Hardwax Oil, Dark Oak in 1.0L and 2.5 Litre tins
Treatex Hardwax Oil, Spruce in 1.0L and 2.5 Litre tins

Treatex cleaning and maintenance products
A range of Treatex application and cleaning products is also stocked including Hardener, Isoparaffin (thinners), Surface Cleaner and Wax polish are also held in stock.

Frequently Asked Questions on Treatex flooring products

Each tin of Osmo has comprehensive instructions on flooring preparation, Hardwax Oil application plus cleaning and maintenance issues. For convenience Treatex have listed FAQs on their products, these are reprinted from their website, last updated on 16th December 2014.

Q. Why hasn’t the Treatex surface dried within 3-6 hours?

A. The most common reason is over-application which can increase the drying time by anything up to 8 hours. To speed up the drying time raise the temperature of the room and increase air flow by opening doors, windows or using a fan.

Q. What is the approximate coverage of Treatex Hardwax Oil?

A. Coverage is approximately 20 square metres per litre, 1 coat, but is dependant on the type of wood and method of application.

Q. My tin of Treatex Hardwax Oil has a skin on it. Can I still use it?

A. Treatex Hardwax Oil will skin over in an open tin, remove the skin, stir well and use as normal.

Q. Will Treatex Hardwax Oil prevent my dog scratching my floor?

A. Dog traffic can be very tough on a floor, especially when the dog is large. If a dogs claws are newly cut then the edges of the claws are very sharp and may cause scratches. A dog with claws naturally worn by walking is far less likely to scratch the finish. However the timber may still be dented depending on what type of wood you have.

Q. Can I use Treatex Hardwax Oil over under floor heating?

A. Yes, Treatex Hardwax Oil can be used over under floor heating. Once dried any wooden surfaces treated with Treatex Hardwax Oil are resistant to high temperatures. We recommend underfloor heating is turned off 6-8 hours before applying Treatex Hardwax Oil. If the underfloor heating is not turned off then Treatex Hardwax Oil may dry too quickly and you could be left with brush or roller marks.

Q. Can Treatex Hardwax Oil be used round a fire place?

A. Yes, a dried surface treated with Treatex Hardwax Oil does not ignite unless in direct contact with flames and even then does not assist the spread of the flame.

Q. Can I use Treatex Hardwax Oil near my swimming pool?

A. An indoor swimming pool should not be a problem, the high wax content of Treatex offers protection against many chemicals including chlorine.

Q. Can Treatex Hardwax Oil be used to seal porous stone?

A. Treatex Hardwax Oil can be used to seal porous stone like slate but being an oil it can change the colour of stone. You must try a small test application first to see the effect because once applied it is impossible to remove Treatex Hardwax Oil from stone.

Q. I have a wenge work surface that I would like to apply Treatex Hardwax Oil to. What is the best way to do this?

A. Apply Treatex Hardwax Oil thinly as any scratches will be highlighted by dark surface of wenge. Better to thin with Treatex Isoparaffin as this helps Treatex Hardwax Oil penetrate wenge surface. Even better results can be achieved by over applying one coat – allow to dry for 24 hours and sand back using 150 grit paper to the wood. You should end up with a silky smooth finish. Apply a further thin coat of Treatex Hardwax Oil. This allows the wood to take all the oil it can but by sanding back the finish (not the wood) you only end up with a thin coat of wax on top of your surface.

Q. Is Treatex Hardwax Oil Clear Matt completely clear when dried on green oak beams? I am trying to avoid the pigmentation which can come from, say, pure linseed oil.

A. Treatex Hardwax Oil Clear Matt will have some impact on colour depending on the timber used. The best way to estimate this impact is to wet the timber with water – this will give you a reasonable indication of what Treatex Hardwax Oil will look like when dry. If your are still uncertain we suggest you purchase a sample pot and do a test on an inconspicuous area.

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Treatex Hardwax Oils are made from natural ingredients and provide a hardwearing wax finish, enhancing the natural characteristics of the wood. Available in 3 tins sizes and 3 Clear finishes

Treatex Colour Tone range allow you to enhance your floor by introducing colour to highlight the natural grain & pattern or age the floor to give a traditional look. All Colour Tone products must have a clear hardwax oil applied over the top.

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