Triso Super10 Multi-Foil

  • Clean, no irritant fibres
  • Flexible, can be cut with scissors
  • Fitted with staple gun
  • Durable, will not sag
  • Moisture resistant
  • Saves space in loft conversion
  • Equivalent to 210mm roll insulation

Product Details

TRISO-SUPER 10+ has been tested in comparison with mineral wool for a total of 3 months at structures at each site, one fitted with TRISO-SUPER 10+, the other insulated with traditional mineral wool, which were tested concurrently and under a range of identical winter weather conditions. The energy consumption of the two structures was then calculated for a range of UK winter weather conditions to ensure that the results achieved are valid throughout the UK.

TRISO-SUPER 10+ is designed to be airtight, water tight and water vapour resistant. It acts as a barrier against cold air infiltration and prevents warm air escaping.

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