Red Faced Hardwood Ply

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Our Red Hardwood Faced Ply is manufactured in China which means this ply is very reasonably priced. The ply conforms to EN standards 314 and 636

EN314 relates to bonding quality, this quality is determined by the type of adhesive and the quality of the core veneer. The red faced ply conforms to Bond Class II.

EN 636 takes into account the bond quality and the biological durability of the wood species used in the plywood. This biological durability refers to the natural capability of the wood to resist the detrimental effects of fungal decay and beetle larvae.

Ply Finishing and applications
Whatever class a ply might achieve the product still requires finishing with a product suitable for the specific application, this may be a UV resistant stain or more conventional paint finish. Even marine ply needs careful application of an appropriate water resistant finish which must be applied when the ply is dry enough for the finish to adhere.

This red hardwood faced ply has hardwood surface veneers and the core veneers are machined from poplar wood or unspecified softwood. This ply can be used in a wide range of interior applications, we would not recommend it for cutting into smaller sections.

Size and availability
We currently keep the following thicknesses of red hardwood faced ply, these are all 2440mm x 1220mm (8′ x 4′) sheets.

3.6mm (3/16″)
5.5mm (1/4″)
9mm (3/8″)
12mm (1/2″)
18mm (3/4″)
25mm (1.0″)

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