Protect TF200 Breathable

  • High performance membrane
  • Stocked in 100m x 2.7m rolls
  • High wet strength
  • Water protection membrane for timber frame
  • Black coloured membrane
  • Resistant to UV and heat degradation.
  • Easy to cut and handle
  • High permeability for wall membrane

Product Details

At Southern Timber we stock Protect TF200 breather membrane for distribution in Devon and Cornwall. Protect TF200 is a high performance breather membrane.  It is designed for the protection of external timber framed walls during the construction process. The TF200 membrane provides protection to the whole of the external wall – joints, sole plate and intermediate floor zones during the construction

Protect TF200 breathable membrane also provides secondary protection after construction. It also provides protection against rainwater penetration during the life of the building after the external masonry is built. The membrane is positioned on the cold side of the insulated panel to minimise the risk of condensation within the structure and to allow water vapour to escape into the vented cavity.

Protect TF200 membrane has a high wet strength, water resistance and high water vapour permeability. It is CE marked and also has TRADA certification and is used as a water resistant membrane in timber framed panel construction.

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