Protect VP300, 75 metre

  • Vapour permeable with a performance better than required in BS 5250
    Completely watertight providing at least 2.0m in water resistance
    Good all round performance for its weight
    UV and heat resistant
    Tough and durable
    Can be used as a temporary roof covering
    BMTRADA Independently certified
    Helps to avoid condensation risk

Product Details

The Protect VP300 Underlay is available in 50 square metre or 75 square metre rolls.   It is a medium weight vapour permeable roof underlay, the VP300’s vapour resistance exceeds the level required by BS 5250 and also has a higher strength than many other underlays in its class.   Suitable for all pitched roofs particularly fully supported applications. Protect VP300 is CE marked and  certified by BM TRADA .  It provides a cost effective solution when higher specified roof underlays are not required.

Protect VP300 can provide a secondary line of defence against wind driven rain and snow, the reduction in wind uplift loads on the roof covering and is also able to be used as a temporary roof covering
before the slates or tiles are applied.

Product Description
Roll width: 1.5m and Roll length: 50m
Roll total area: 75m2 and Roll weight: 9.83kg

The Protect roofing underlay has an embossed grey upper and white lower surface. Printed with product branding for ease of identification.

As with all vapour-permeable underlays, the Protect VP300 Underlay should not be laid in direct contact with un-dried timber preservatives. This applies to both water and solvent based preservatives. Protect OFV Eaves Skirt should be used at all gutter details.

Technical Specification

Nail tear strength (N) to EN 12310-1 with mods 140 198
Unaged tensile strength (N/50mm) to EN 12311 with mods 225 160
Aged tensile strength (N/50mm) to EN 12311 with mods 190 130
Weight 125gsm
Flexibility at low temperature -40° C
Water Vapour resistance to EN ISO 12572 0.17 MNsg
Watertightness Class W1 >2.0m hydrostatic head resistance

MD = machine direction (along roll), CD = cross direction (across roll). UV and heat ageing conditions: UVA lamps at 50°C for 336 hours followed by heat ageing at 70°C for 90 days.

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