Plastering Metal Beads

  • Composite Celotex/Plasterboard 
  • Improves speed of installation
  • Fix with conventional methods
  • Time saving with reduced sourcing/handling
  • Reduced cutting time
  • Special order Products

Product Details

Plastering metal beads

Plastering metal beads can be essential to produce a professional result.  For example when you are plastering around window edges and boxed-in pipes it can be difficult to obtain a good plaster finish.  By usingg metal beads you can produce smooth and neat corners.

Phone to order

01803 813 803

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Delivery details

Usually within 3-5 working days

These are a special order product, normally available within 3-5 days of order.  Our normal delivery days are Monday to Friday. Customers are requested to call or phone in with their complete product listing, delivery address and payment details before we obtain these special order products.