Plastering Accessories

  • Thistle MultiFinish
  • Thistle Bonding Coat
  • Plasterboard Adhesive
  • Plasterers metal beading
  • Scrim Tape 

Product Details

We are first and foremost a Timber Merchant but we keep a range of plastering products in addition to our standard plasterboard range we carry a range of more specialist plasterboards.  These are normally from the Gyproc, Knauf or Lafarge plasterboard ranges

Thistle MultiFinish is manufactured by British Gypsum.  This MultiFinish is a final coat plaster and provides good results on most suction backgrounds. It is suitable for hand or mechanical plastering machines and provide a finish to most common backgrounds including undercoat plasters, plasterboard and smooth concrete. It can also be used on small repair jobs and for patching. Supplied in 25kg. bags. Coverage at 2mm thickness is 10 square metres per 25kg. bag.  More details on this plasterboard’s specification can be found on the Gyproc MultiFinish Product Data Sheet

Thistle BondingCoat is manufactured by British Gypsum.   Supplied in 25kg. bags. Coverage at 11mm thickness is approximately 2.75 square metres per 25kg. bag.  Thistle BondingCoat is an ideal base coat plaster for smooth or low suction backgrounds such as tiling, concrete or plasterboard.

Knauf Drywall Plasterboard Adhesive is a multi-purpose gypsum-based adhesive for the direct bonding of Knauf plasterboards and thermal laminates.  It can also be used with Knauf Metal Furring Channels.  Supplied in 25kg. bags the coverage is 4-6 square metres per 25kg. bag.

It should not be used for moisture resistant or vapour check boards, this product comes in a 25kg bag

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