Iroko Worktops

    • Attractive rich colours


    • 27mm and 40mm options


    • Lengths 2m, 3m and 4m


    • European manufactured


    • Standard stave size 40mm


    • Full stave option


    • Available to special order


    • Use Osmo Wood Wax Finish Clear Extra Thin


Product Details

Iroko Worktops are available in a variety of formats to suit differing customer needs. Tradesman and end-users alike prefer a variety of lengths and widths of worktops.  Therefore the choice of lengths also usually means less waste. You could also consider Walnut worktops as an alternative

About Iroko timber

An exotic African timber combining visual appeal with durability. When first cut Iroko has a yellow colour which mellows to shades of reddy-brown.  The timber is hard, durable and also has a naturally high oil content making it ideal for kitchen use. Because of its durability it is also known as “African teak” .  Finally, the different Iroko staves will have very vivid colours when oiled.

Standard Iroko Worktops

Standard Iroko worktops feature 40mm wide staves which are finger jointed with glue under high pressure. Additionally the prime option allows for a more stringent matching of stave colours.  When gluing is completed the worktops are cut to size and sanded to a fine 150 grit finish.  Edges are squared as standard. Finally, the installer or end-used can finish the Iroko Worktops with Osmo Top Oil

European Worktops

All the worktops we supply are manufactured in Europe. Because of this it is easier to monitor production quality. Sourcing from Europe also helps keep lead times down to a minimum.  We don’t keep worktops on site, they are all obtained to special order.  As a result this usually means a lead time between 3 and 7 working days.

27mm Iroko Worktop Options:

Iroko Worktop 3 Metre X 620mm X 27mm;
Iroko Worktop 3 Metre X 960mm X 27mm;
Iroko Worktop 4 Metre X 620mm X 27mm.

40mm Iroko Worktop options:

Iroko Worktop 2 M X 620mm X 40mm;
Iroko Worktop 2 M X 720mm X 40mm;
Iroko Worktop 2 M X 960mm X 40mm

Iroko Worktop 3 Metre X 620mm X 40mm;
Iroko Worktop 3 Metre X 720mm X 40mm;
Iroko Worktop 3 Metre X 960mm X 40mm.

Iroko Worktop 4 Metre X 620mm X 40mm;
Iroko Worktop 4 Metre X 720mm X 40mm.

Finally extras include:

Iroko Worktop Upstand 3 Metre x 80mm x 18mm;
Iroko Plinth 3 Metre x 150mm x 20mm.

Worktop availability and appearance

Finally, we don’t keep worktops in stock at our Devon Warehouse. All worktops are obtained to special order which normally takes between 3 and 7 working days.

Because of the natural qualities of wooden worktops each worktop will be unique – i.e. no two worktops are alike.  Additionally almost all natural wood darkens over time as it matures. Therefore new solid wood worktops will often appear lighter when first delivered, then they will change over the months to acquire the final colour hue. Also please note that any items stood on the worktop during this period will slow, or even stop, this natural process of colour change.  Other colour changes can occur depending on how frequently the worktop is oiled.

Phone to order

01803 813 803

Lines open 7:30 - 17:00 Mon - Fri

If you like the look of Iroko worktops then you can also consider European Walnut . When you want an even darker worktop you can consider American Black Walnut, Black Oak or even Wenge.

European Walnut Worktops

Delivery details

Usually within 5-7 working days

Our worktop suppliers indicate a 5-7 day lead time on most worktops. They can be ordered for collection from our Devon yard, or we can arrange delivery to your home in our normal delivery areas in Devon and Cornwall.

Please note these products are normally delivered to trade and commercial sites and we will need access for a large delivery lorry. We will therefore need to be advised of any possible access restrictions. This is a kerbside delivery so there will need to be an able-bodied person be on site to put the worktop under cover and sign for the delivery.