• Stock fencing in 50m rolls
  • Mild steel C8/80/15 popular
  • High tensile option HT8/80/15
  • Barbed wire in mild steel and HT
  • Plain wire in mild steel and HT
  • Alternate stock fencing to order
  • Square mesh & chain link options
  • Chicken wire & rabbit netting

Product Details

Stock Fencing

Stock fencing is the next step up from post and rail, used mainly where there are livestock issues. Post and rail fencing installations usually comprise timber rails used around field and woodland boundaries. Sometimes the rails are rectangular section, but half round rails are also utilised. While this style of fence makes a good boundary fence for livestock it sometimes need wire or stock fencing to produce a proper barrier. Most installations will use two rails with stock fencing and then two strands of barbed wire affixed to the posts above the netting.

Firstly, stock fencing is sold in different specifications, usually in 50 metre rolls, to suit a range of livestock.  The main choice is between mild steel or high tensile. High tensile usually gives a longer life but will need re-tensioning from time to time. Our standard wire is the mild steel C8/80/15. The C letter prefix indicates the wire thickness is 2.5mm (L prefix is 2.0mm) and the 8 referes to many horizontal wires run through the fencing. Next the 80 means the the height of the wire is 800mm and finally the 15 means there is a 15cm (150mm) spacing between the vertical wires.

Fencing Products

Three main round post sizes are stocked, 73mm, 88mm and 106mm.   Stock fencing is mostly used with the 1.65 metre and 1.8 metre post heights. This allows  approximately 1.2 metres of stock fencing topped with two strands of barbed wire.

Other Wire products

We also keep a range of rabbit netting in stock at 600mm, 900m and 1200mm heights.  Other sizes of netting are also kept for chicken and pet runs. Welded mesh, chain link and other wire products are also available to order.

Phone to order

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Delivery details

Usually within 1-2 working days

At Southern Timber we offer a kerbside delivery through the Torbay, Teignbridge, Exeter, South Hams and Plymouth areas. While most deliveries are free sometimes they may be chargeable depending on location and the total value of the order.

We offer next day delivery, when required, for our normal delivery days (Monday to Friday) and areas. Customers are requested to phone in before 12.00pm on the day prior to delivery with their complete product listing, delivery address and payment details.