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Cotton Oak Beige Pulse Click

Pulse Click
Dimensions 10.57 × 0.210 × 0.0045 m
Board Thickness


Board Width

Wide > 200mm

Collection Name

Pulse Glue



Water resistant

Water Resistant

Pack size

3.616 square metres

£36.27 m2

Actual Area (sq m) 2.22
Total Price: £80.53

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Product Details

Cotton Oak Beige features in Quick-Step’s Pulse Click collection. The range comprises Pulse Click, Pulse Click Plus and the Pulse Glue Plus. For more demanding installations there is also the Pulse Rigid Click and Pulse Rigid Click Plus.  Each of these collections has a slightly different design depending mainly on fitting method. The specifications and description below are for the Pulse Click Plus collection

Cotton Oak Beige Pulse Click

Cotton Oak Beige is one of twenty vinyl floor options in the Quick-Step Pulse Glue collection. This Cotton Oak Beige option, along with all the Pulse Glue Plus collection, is supplied in pack sizes of 3.616 square metres.  The Pulse Glue Plus vinyl planks are 2.5mm thick and can be laid on irregular sub-floors with irregularities of up to 4mm wide and 1mm in depth.  Pulse Click vinyl planks are 1515mm in length with a width of 217mm, each pack containing seven planks.

Vinyl Floor Details PUCL40103

The floor design pattern is plank and finished on all four sides with a modern groove bevel. Furthermore all of the Pulse Glue Plus vinyls have a matt finish and they are water resistant making them suitable for bathroom use.   Therefore they can be used in environments that are occasionally wet, such as a bathroom or kitchen. However this type of flooring should not be used in saunas, steam baths, showers and other extremely wet environments.

Pulse Glue Plus is compatible with low temperature underfloor heating.  Because this product is specified as Class 33 it is suitable for residential and commercial use.

Also, when it comes around to maintenance the Pulse Glue Plus boards are ready for what can be thrown at them. All Quick-Step vinyl floors are sealed with a “Stain Guard” to help keep the floor clean and looking good. Because the Pulse  vinyls also feature “Scratch Guard” they enjoy greater protection than many other vinyls on the market.

Manufacturers Warranty 

Finally, the Pulse Glue Plus flooring is covered by a 25 years domestic manufacturer warranty.  Commercial applications have a 10 year warranty. However upon written application to the manufacturer this could be extended to 15 years.

This feature is being finalised, February 2020.

Please verify with Southern Timber as to which Warranty is available for this product.

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