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Quick-Step Vinyl Glue

Quick-Step Flooring
  • Available in 6kg or 15kg
  • Apply with A2 trowel
  • Non-solvent based
  • Minimum 24 hour cure time

Needs smooth, porous sub-floor for proper adhesion


6 kg. Glue, 15 kg. Glue, A2 Quick-Step trowel



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    Product Details

    First of all the Quick-Step Vinyl Glue is a high-quality acrylic adhesive that was specially developed for Quick-Step vinyl flooring.  The adhesive is solvent-free, fibre-reinforced and suitable for bonding on porous sub-floors.  Whether you are purchasing Ambient, Balance or Pulse vinyl flooring you should invest in the adhesive designed for Quick-Step flooring. More details on installation can be found in the Quick-Step technical information pdf

    Quick-Step Vinyl Glue Coverage

    The coverage will largely depend on the sub-floor,   Providing you use an A2 notched trowel you will probably use 250-350 grams per square metre.  Therefore a 6 kg tub should cover between 17 and 24 square metres. Likewise a 15 kg tub should cover between 42 and 60 square metres.


    This Quick-Step adhesive should only be applied to an even, dry, clean, sound and smooth floor substrate. Also the sub-floor should also be free from irregularities and cracks. Residues from old adhesives must be removed mechanically, loose or damaged surfaces must be repaired before the application of the adhesive. Similarly powdery, very porous  and very smooth surfaces will all need some preparation and cleaning before gluing begins.


    Quick-Step Vinyl adhesive should be acclimatised to room temperature before installation. Using a notched A2 trowel take care not to apply too much adhesive to the surface then can be covered with the vinyl floor within the open time.  Apply floor  within 10 to 20 minutes in the still semi-wet adhesive layer and then roll with a roller of 50 kg or greater.  There are several conditions to the floor laying, including temperature and humidity.

    Cleaning up

    Uncured Quick-Step vinyl glue can be removed form tools and flooring with lukewarm water.  Cured adhesive must be removed mechanically.

    This feature is being finalised, February 2020.

    Please verify with Southern Timber as to which Warranty is available for this product.

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    Delivery requirements
    Please note that the hauliers normally require access for a large delivery lorry. If there are any difficulties for larger vehicles or any possible access restrictions then please advise and we will request a smaller lorry wherever possible.

    This is a kerbside delivery so there will need to be an able-bodied person on site to put the flooring under cover and sign for the delivery.